Oncomarks Charity Vision

Oncomarks believes that education gives others the opportunity to dive into new worlds and accomplish their desired dreams. So, we prioritize on giving back with a focus on education-based charity to spread knowledge and give others a chance to learn.

We believe that education is a vital component to intellectual expansion, opening doors that allow many opportunities. Higher education is an essential tool that let’s others explore what their potentials might become. However, what is education without the basic resources and materials? Oncomarks will support projects that help deliver the necessities for education impacting the world one student at a time.

We hope to achieve this goal by:

  1. Funding international educational campaigns
  2. Sponsoring medical, dental, and general health mission trips
  3. Allowing Members to choose a specific charity cause to fund
  4. Organizing book and school supply drives (new/used, audiovisual, braille etc.) giving Members the chance to donate educational materials

By joining Oncomarks you help make the world a better place!

*Your donations are optional, but greatly appreciated. Other projects may be announced in the near future. So keep a look out!



Uganda School for the Deaf Ntinda

Learning and Audio/Visual Educational Sponsor, Uganda Deaf and Blind Children School, Uganda — 2016 – Present

Oncomarks played a role in developing the Learning and Audio/Visual educational program by donating $200 worth of books, writing utensils, and other educational materials to the Uganda Deaf and Blind Children School.