The following are some of the TOP benefits of Oncomarks Membership:

  • Access to a unique collection of experience and knowledge through our members directory at Linkdln and our own OncoConnections
  • Improvement of your research writing skills
  • Opportunities of publishing distinguished research journals
  • Enhance your writing skills by joining our interdisciplinary research courses
  • Access to our team of experts who can help members with writing difficulties
  • Access to our work at iGeneX Lab
  • Receiving additional assistance with other academic-related publications
  • Attending Round table meetings for closer interactions with other members and sharing ideas for new projects
  • Access to our library of detailed lectures which is regularly updated with new content
  • Early access to ongoing Oncology and other health-science related conferences
  • Access to our up-to-date health science Events calendar
  • Join our International training and volunteer opportunity program
  • Access to our Leadership Development Program for educational and career development purposes
  • Free access to Oncomarks journal and the chance to submit an original manuscript