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Hani Pharaon, DDS

Hani Pharaon, DDS

Board Member

The University of Kalamoon in Syria is where Hani Pharaon started his professional education and then transferred to Texila American University in Guyana where he got his clinical practice and his doctor of dental surgery degree. He stayed in Guyana an extra year to get some more hands on experience and surgical training at the Cheddi Jagan Dental Center and the Georgetown Public Hospital where he worked with Dr. Sam Ovid Issacs, a Maxillofacial Surgery specialist at Harlem Hospital. He also went on several outreach programs that were funded by the ministry of health. He attended and volunteered for Dr. James Radosevich in organizing the 2016 ISOBM conference in Chicago. He also works with SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society). He currently is a member of SAMS and ISOBM.

His research interests involve oral disease, oral cancers, head and neck cancer, and the management of pedodontic patients.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
OM-201 Bachelor Of Nursing 4 Hours July 24, 2015
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