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Ghassan Jibawi


  Ghassan Jibawi is a medical student at St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine. He got his Associate in General Studies with High Honors from Wilbur Wright College, Chicago, IL. He continued his education at the University of Illinois at Chicago where he graduated with B.A in Chemistry and Minored in Mathematics. Previously, Jibawi assisted Dr. Rosangela Lavagnolli at […]

Juel Chowdhury, MD

President of Oncomarks

Juel Chowdhury began his professional education at the Gulf Medical University where he received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. Since then, he has worked for several major universities like University of Illinois in Chicago and scientific journals all of which have contributed to his scientific findings and research. His works have led […]

Hani Pharaon, DDS

Board Member

The University of Kalamoon in Syria is where Hani Pharaon started his professional education and then transferred to Texila American University in Guyana where he got his clinical practice and his doctor of dental surgery degree. He stayed in Guyana an extra year to get some more hands on experience and surgical training at the Cheddi […]

Karla Licona, B.S., M.P.H.

Board Member

Karla received her Bachelor’s in Science with a major in Health Education and Nutrition from California State University of Northridge.  After graduating she worked as a school nurse in Orange County, it was this experienced working with children that helped her decide to pursue medical degree. She attended Saint James School of Medicine and moved […]

Madhusudan Patel, MD

Board Member

A young medical doctor from Gujarat, India,  Madhusudan Patel began his medical education at University of Seychelles American Institute of Medicine and graduated in 2013. He travelled to UAE, Seychelles, Mauritius and India for clinical exposure, throughout his medical education. After moving to the United States he has actively pursued his medical education with many […]

Mahsa Vahdatian

Board Member

Mahsa Vahdatian achieved her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago, IL in Biological Sciences. She joined the oncology research lab of Dr.James Radosevich at UIC College of Dentistry and started her research in the effects of Nitric Oxide (NO) on cancer cell lines and has numerous abstracts published in many major journals such […]

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