IGenX Oncology Research Lab

iGenX lab is a genetical research lab based on datamining and data analysis of the genechip experiment.Here we like to train and develop new and inovative ways to find and understand the complex connections between cancer cell genes. In the iGenX Laboratory, we have a team scientists constantly updating and publishing data which our students, as well as the public, may use to further their own growth and developmental research.

OIn the 1970s, less than a quarter of people with cancer survived. But over the last 40 years, survival has doubled. Our ambition is to accelerate progress and see three-quarters of people surviving the disease within the next 20 years. We want survival in the USA to be among the best in the world. We’re focusing our efforts in four key areas – working to help prevent cancer, diagnose it earlier, develop new treatments and optimise current treatments by personalising them and making them even more effective. We’ll continue to support research into all types of cancer and across all age groups. And we’re keeping our focus on understanding the biology of cancer so we can use this vital knowledge to save more lives. We’re increasing our research in key areas such as early diagnosis, and hard-to-treat cancers including lung, pancreatic, oesophageal cancers and brain tumours. We’re developing new tests, surgery and radiotherapy techniques, and cancer drugs. We want to personalise prevention, screening and treatment and bring benefits to patients sooner.

Team Members & lead Scientists

James A Radosevich, Ph.D. (Oncology Researcher, Lead Scientist)

Dr. Juel Chowdhury, MD (Associate Oncology Researcher)

Dr. John Adrien Thomas, MD (Associate Oncology Researcher)

Mahsa Vahdatian (Researcher Under Training)

Samantha Yang (Researcher Under Training)

Dr. Sidra Mubasher MBBS (Associate Oncology Researcher)

Research Focus

Head & Neck Cancer

Oral Cancer

Lung Cancer

Liver Cancer

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