Oncomarks is a network created by a team of professional scientists and dedicated doctors to provide a great educational resource for individuals interested in research and publications. Our goal is to create a platform for students or professionals and provide a global network to share their knowledge in the field of medical science and research. We welcome the involvement and the membership of those who conduct cancer research and related biomedical research, as well as health care professionals, research administrators, advocates, students, and others who share Oncomarks commitment and vision. For more information, please visit About Us

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Oncomarks aims to create an international network of students or professionals who can share knowledge and information. As such, we do not have any kind of restrictions that stop potential members from joining our organization.

First, please ensure that you have a valid membership with Oncomarks. Submissions can be made by members only. Please read our submission criteria to find out more about our submission requirements and for any help required from our team. Once you are ready to submit, please visit the upload section of your profile and click on “bah bah black sheep”

Once a submission is made for review consideration, our team of dedicated professors shall give it a meticulous review. Accordingly, we will then advise or suggest on any necessary changes and guide you in the many different aspects that need to be considered before a final decision for publishing is made.

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No. A submission does not guarantee that it will be approved for publishing. All submissions are processed and reviewed by our editorial team in the same manner. In the event of any irregularities, you will be contacted and updated with the necessary changes that need to be adapted to the submission before re-submitting it for future considerations.

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Oncomarks has a very strict system of reviewing and consideration for every submission. As such if there are areas that need extra attention or further reviewing, Our team at Oncomarks can guide you before a final approval for publishing is made.

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Yes. If a submission is declined for any particular reason, you can work with our dedicated team to overcome any challenges and/or review any existing errors before re-submitting it for consideration.

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There is no limit to the number of submissions that can be made by a member. However, we suggest making singular submissions at a time in order to maintain a trouble-free flow of information between you and our editorial team for the reviewing process.

We consider every submission as important and pertinent to our goal of advancing medical and oncology research. As such, once a submission has been approved by the editorial board only then will it be selected for publication in the latest edition of the Oncomarks open-access online journal.

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In the event that you require any technical assistance, help with trouble-shooting or any type of general inquiry, please contact us at oncomarks@gmail.com with an aptly titled subject and describing the concern with as much information as possible. We also welcome any suggestions or advice that can benefit our growing community in the best way possible. Our team will reply back as soon as possible.