Charity Vision

Oncomarks Charity Vision

Most people believe that charity involves helping the needy by providing food, clothing and shelter. But only some understand that providing Education is an important necessity as well. Here at Oncomarks, we believe the same and stand to fight against a hidden common enemy amongst all, that is the absence of education to the underprivileged. Join us in helping other change their lives for a bigger and brighter future. Most do not realize how simple yet effective a sacrifice it can be when donating a book that is collecting dust on a shelf or the cumulative value of the pocket-change left behind in our clothes, bags and even couches. So go ahead, do your part and help someone by becoming their anonymous super-hero. Do the right thing.

All for One; One for All.

Uganda School for the Deaf Ntinda

Learning and Audio Visual Educational Sponsor, Uganda Deaf and Blind Children School, Uganda — 2016 – Present Oncomarks role as a learning and audio visual educational sponsor was giving $200 worth of books, writing utensils, and other educational materials to the deaf and blind children of the Ugandan school.

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