About Us

 Oncomarks was created to spread knowledge and to further educate globally.  Whether you are student, individual, private business, non-profit organization, or an interested stakeholder, join our team to make a difference that can further create global changes. This is a great opportunity for interested individuals in scientific concepts, driven by research, and the evolving medical science.

Oncomarks is a network created in spring of 2016 created by professional scientists and dedicated doctors to provide a great educational source for individuals interested in research and publications. Our unique programs help members to grow professionally with the help of highly experienced academics and professors in the field of medical research. We offer many opportunities that benefit our members in their respective careers and help them meet their specific needs in order to elevate their academic statuses.


Our Vision

Our goal is to create a global network to provide a platform for students and professionals to share their knowledge in the field of medical science and research. Oncomarks has invested in building a world class scientific journal for the young scientists and professionals to help our members create their own scientific materials with the opportunity to get published and be recognized globally. Through this program we intend to break those barriers of insecurities among those international students who require extra help at improving their writing skills.  In this learning process individuals can be assisted to meet educational goals or obtain an advancement in their careers.

Additionally, one of our main objectives is to raise funding for child education in under privileged communities dealing with disparities and educational inequalities.



Our Focus

  • Provide learning opportunities for individuals in the field of oncology research articles
  • Accessibility to a platform to create your own article with the help of our experienced mentors that can guide you through out the article writing process
  • A network that provides education and knowledge with the latest information in the field of oncology research



Oncomarks is governed by 7 board members, including a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Experience officer, Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Oncomarks conducts the majority of its business through various volunteer groups composed of members who volunteer their time and effort to our program. Currently, Oncomarks is an educational and scientific organization that provides charity and is in the process of pursuing legal advocacy.


Core Values

Develop writing skills

Enhancing research skills

Provide creativity and guidance

Education & Career Enrichment

Fight illiteracy among underprivileged children in the third world countries.